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1.1. The provisions of these regulations apply to both visitors and exhibitors participating in the XXIV National Potato Days – Kalinowa 2017

1.2. The regulations of the National Potato Days – Kalinowa 2017 (NPD) along with the application card are available on the website:


NATIONAL POTATO DAYS KALINOWA 2017 „ Potato today and tomorrow”

Hereinafter referred to as NPD


Areas owned by the Municipality and City Office in Błaszki and Hodowla Roślin Kalinowa Sp. z o.o., Kalinowa, the Municipality of Błaszki.


4.1. 26-27 August 2017 (i.e. Saturday-Sunday) 9.00 – 16.00


Hodowla Roślin Kalinowa Sp. z o.o., Kalinowa 99, 98-235 Błaszki

Municipality and City Office in Błaszki

Institute for Plant Breeding and Acclimatization – National Research Institute in Radzików, Department on Seeds and Potato Protection in Bonin, 76-009 Bonin 3

Association of Polish Potato

Agricultural Chamber of Łódź Voivodeship


Łódź Agricultural Advisory Center with registered office in Bartoszyce, Branch in Kościerzyna, 98-285 Wróblew, near Sieradz

Hereinafter referred to as the Organizer


6.1. The Exhibitors can be companies and persons involved in agricultural production and production close to agriculture – manufacturers, breeders, distributors, dealers, representatives of companies, insurers, banks, offices, agencies, inspections, etc.

6.2. Statement of participation

6.2.1. The Organizer sends the Application card as an invitation to participate in the NP Under the terms and conditions determined in these Regulations. The Application cards are available on the website:

6.2.2. The condition of participating in the NPD is sending the completed and signed Application card up to 14th August 2017, acceptance of the NPD Regulations and timely payment for the exhibition space on the basis of the received invoice.

6.2.3. The Organizer (via e-mail) confirms the acceptance of the application for participation in the NPD. Upon receipt of the confirmation by the Exhibitor, the

Agreement between the Organizer and the Exhibitor concerning the participation in the NPD is deemed to have been concluded.

6.2.4. The condition for participation in the NPD is to present a proof of payment for exhibitor’s participation in the NPD before entry to the exhibition area.

6.2.5. In exceptional cases – after prior arrangement with the Organizer – it is possible to make a payment at the Organizer’s cash desk on the first day of the NPD, before entering the exhibition area.

6.2.6. The Organizer reserves the right to the earlier deadline for applications – due to the lack of exhibition area.

6.3. Cancellation of participation

6.3.1. The Participant has the right to resign from the participation in the NPD by sending a letter with information about the resignation via registered mail to the Organizer’s address, without incurring any costs – at least 7 days before the beginning of the NPD; in case of late resignation, the Exhibitor shall bear costs of a handling fee in the amount of 25% of the value of all ordered services.

6.3.2. In case of cancelling the NPD by the Organizer before its beginning, exhibitors shall receive a full refund of their contributions.


7.1. Prices and conditions of payment for rental of exhibition space are specified in the APPLICATION CARD FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE NPD.

7.2. Admission to exhibition spaces for visitors is free of charge.


8.1. The method and details of ordering exhibition spaces, ordering advertising services and other services, the method of building and equipping the stand are determined by the APPLICATION CARD FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE NPD.

8.2. The Organizer decides about the location of the exhibition space. Wishes and suggestions of the Exhibitor are taken into account with consideration of technical and organizational possibilities.

8.3. The Organizer shall provide (via e-mail) the Exhibitor a plan of the NPD and location of the stand at least 7 days before the beginning of the NPD.

8.4. The Organizer reserves the right to change the originally allocated exhibition space determined in the confirmation of participation without giving reasons. The Exhibitor shall be immediately informed about the change.

8.5. In the exhibition area, the Organizer ensures:

8.5.1. Rental of the space

8.5.2. Advertisement of the NPD in media

8.5.3. Information about the NPD addressed to potential customers

8.5.4. Electricity

8.5.5. General protection of the NPD

8.5.6. Cleaning of the NPD’s area


9.1. The use of car parks for exhibitors and visitors is free.

9.2. It is forbidden to park cars outside the car parks designated by the Organizer.

9.3. The Organizer reserves the right to introduce restrictions related to the entry into the exhibition spaces of the NPD.


10.1. The Organizer shall not be liable for any damage caused in the property of exhibitors participating in the NPD by force majeure, e.g. fire, explosion, lighting, wind, flood, as well as interruptions in the supply of electricity and water independent of the Organizer.

10.2. The exclusion of the Organizer’s liability for the above-mentioned reasons is not influenced by specific measures taken by the Organizer related to the protection of exhibition areas of the NPD.

10.3. The Exhibitor participating in the NPD is obliged to inform in writing the Organizer and the police station immediately after it finds the damage.

10.4. Exhibitors participating in the NPD should purchase individual liability insurance and insure their property located in the exhibition area of the NPD (exhibits, equipment and appliances at the stand, construction elements and equipment of stands, private property, business vehicles, etc.) both for the duration of the NPD and for the period of assembly and disassembly of stands.


11.1. Areas of the NPD are secured by the security services and from the external certified company.

11.2. The Exhibitors participating in the NPD are obliged (both during the fair and during the assembly and disassembly of the stand) to protect (at their own expense and risk) exhibits, equipment and devices from possible damages or loss.


12.1. During the opening hours of the NPD, the stands should be accessible to visitors. Periodic closure of the stand requires prior consent of the Organizer. During this period, the Exhibitor should secure his own property on this own and at his own expense.

12.2. The Exhibitor has the right to advertise his services and products only at his own stand with the use of:

 Promotional materials (leaflets, offers, posters, folders, maps, photos, gadgets, etc.)

 Audiovisual advertisement (using computers, audio and video players, projectors, monitors) in a way that does not affect the presentation in the neighboring stands.

12.3. Advertisement in the area of the NPD outside the stand is chargeable.

12.4. The Exhibitor shall prepare the advertising at his own expense and responsibility.

12.5. The Exhibitor participating in the NPD is obliged to:

 Before the start of the NPD – remove from the stand and the surrounding area empty packages or waste remaining after assembly and equipping the stand,

 After the end of the NPD – remove exhibits, dismantle the stand and restore the occupied exhibition space to its original state.

12.6. Waste, packaging and rubbish should be dumped into baskets located in designated exhibition spaces of the NPD.

12.7. The Organizer is not responsible for machines or other exhibited products, which were left after the end of the NPD without informing about this fact the Organizer.

12.8. Exportation of exhibits and dismantling of the stand before the end of the NPD are prohibited. These activities can only be started after the closure of the NPD for visitors.

12.9. Elements of the stand’s construction and equipment, which were removed by the participant of the NPD during dismantling (without informing the Organizer about this fact), shall be deemed abandoned property.

12.10. Costs of documented destructions or damages in the Organizer’s property made by the Exhibitor or the company responsible for the stand’s installation are covered by the Exhibitor or the stand contractor. Assessment of damages or loss in the Organizer’s property is carried out by a commission appointed by the Organizer in the presence of an exhibitor’s representative or a stand contractor’s representative.


13.1. The Exhibitor is obliged to report to the Organizer’s office immediately upon arrival to the NPD for the purpose of registration. The Exhibitor receives IDs and the exhibition space.

13.2. Only persons holding an ID issued by the Organizer are entitled to stay in the NPD’s areas outside the opening hours.

13.3. Identifiers can only be used by authorized persons.

13.4. Installation of stands takes place on 26 August 2017 – from 8:00 to 20:00. Dismantling of the stand can only be started after the end of the NPD – 28 August 2016 from 16:00 to 20:00.

13.5. The Exhibitor participating in the NPD is obliged to observe order regulations issued by the Organizer and he needs to observe the orders of security services.

13.6. It is forbidden to bring weapons, ammunition, explosives and objects that may be dangerous for people staying in the NPD’s areas.

13.7. It is forbidden to destroy information boards, rubbish bins, benches and any other objects and property. Moreover, an unauthorized change of location for equipment and property located in the NPD’s area and starting of fires are prohibited.

13.8. People, who disturb the order, pose a threat to other participants of the NPD, violate good customs or bring (contrary to the prohibition) dangerous object or disobey the regulations, will be removed from the NPD’s area.

13.9. The persons referred to in point 10.5, who commit the act forbidden by law, will bear the consequences provided by law.

13.10. Exhibitors participating in the NPD have an access to the zones specified by the Organizer.

13.11. It is forbidden to block in any way exists and evacuation routes, access roads for emergency services, hydrants and other facilities necessary in the case of rescue of firefighting action.


14.1. All complaints directed to the Organizer from persons participating in the fair should be reported in writing immediately after the occurrence of the event.

14.2. Exhibitors’ complaints concerning stands, their location (place of presentation) and sizes of actually occupied area will be handled by the Organizer, provided that they will be submitted not later than the last day of the NPD (including) – before dismantling the stand. After the expiry of the above-mentioned deadline, complaints will not be considered.


The Exhibitor agrees to the processing of his personal data by the Organizer.


16.1. Exhibitors and visitors participating in the NPD are obliged to observe the regulations.

16.2. The Organizer is not responsible for the legal status and quality of the presented exhibits and distributed promotional materials (including printing materials) by exhibitors.

16.3. In legal relations between the Exhibitor and the Organizer, the provisions of the Civil Code are used. Any disputes related to the participation in the NPD will be considered by the competent court for the Organizer’s location.

16.4. For the resolution of possible disputes, text of the regulations in Polish is valid.