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Within the framework of the International Technical Meeting organized by the HZPC Company on 12 July 2017, the Plant Breeding Kalinowa was visited by a group of 20 employees of HZPC from Poland, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, France and India. During the visit, they were acquainted with the technology of potato cultivation conducted in the Plant Breeding Kalinowa. Moreover, they visited a collection of 122 varieties prepared for the XXIV National Potato Days Kalinowa 2017.



On July 13, 2017, an experimental field with potato varieties was visited by representatives of Agriana and C. Meijer B.V. – Mrs. Aleksandra Szczukowska, Mr. Krzysztof Sułkowski oraz Mr. John Williams (President of Agriana) together with Mr. Johan van der Stee (Commercial Director of C. Meijer B.V.). They were acquainted with a collection of 122 potato varieties prepared for the XXIV National Potato Days Kalinowa 2017.



On July 14, 2017 in HR Kalinowa, we hosted Mr. Radosław Suchorzewski, a specialist for gardening and potatoes from Bayer CropScience. Mr. Suchorzewski inspected the plantation with 42 varieties of onion from 11 seed companies. This plantation will be open for visitors on 26 and 27 August 2017, during the XXIV National Potato Days Kalinowa 2017. During the inspection, it was assessed that the phytosanitary status of the plantation was very good. During the examination of the above-mentioned plantation, Mr. Suchorzewski drew attention to the exuberance of chives, which reaches a height of 80 cm for some varieties.




The fishing competition for the Cup of HR Kalinowa President was carried out on 9 July 2017 in the pond of the Plant Breeding Kalinowa. The competition was attended by 11 competitors. The best fisherman turned out to be Mr. Tomasz Rubas from Agrosad, who caught more than 7 kg of fish in 3 hours.



Ropa (a producer of harvesters) will present in action two harvesters during the XXIV National Potato Days Kalinowa 2017 – i.e. single row Keiler and double row Keiler II.

Lecture of Prof. Józefa Kapsa, Ph.D. – “Perpetrators of potato diseases – viruses, rizoktoniosis, alternaria, plague and myxoma – prevention and control”

On July 5, 2017, at the initiative of Belchim in HR Kalinowa (i.e. at the place, where XXIV National Potato Days will take place on 26 and 27 August 2017), there was a meeting with Prof. Józefa Kapsa, Ph.D. The professor led a very interesting, several-hour lecture concerning the perpetrators of potato diseases. After the lecture, participants visited a demonstrative field with 122 varieties of potato.



During the XXIV National Potato Days Kalinowa 2017, alongside the other harvesters, the self-propelled harvester Varitron 470 will be presented. This is the 4-row Grimme harvester with a 7-ton NonstopBunker tank and high separation efficiency equipped with a wheel chassis and power of 435 hp.


The Belgian company AVR will present on the National Potato Days in Kalinowa such machines as you can see on the following photo:


The Meeting of the Management Board of the Polish Potato Association (Stowarzyszenie Polski Ziemniak) took place in the headquarters of the Kalinowa Plant Breeding on 21 June 2017. One of the points of this meeting was the visit of 122 potato varieties planted on 5 hectares of field during the XXIV National Potato Days Kalinowa 2017 “Potato today and tomorrow”.





A drip line was installed on a plantation with varieties of onions on 22 June 2017. An experiment with this irrigation system was conducted on five varieties from Bejo Company. The fertigation will be based on Yara products. The phytosanitary status of the plantation is good, and the vast majority of varieties (42 varieties) is in the stage of 6 leaves.




Status of the potato variety collection at 20 June 2017

Currently, a collection of 122 varieties of potato, which was prepared in a field of 5 hectares, enters into the flowering phase. Depending on the earliness, some varieties are already in the phase of full flowering, while the majority of varieties are in the phase of buds and the beginning of flowering. The presented photos clearly show a difference in the size of haulm. Some varieties have reached a height of 120 cm, but there are also varieties with haulm in the height of 80 cm. The phytosanitary status of the collection is very good. During the inspector, no evidences of diseases/potato blight and early blight (alternaria) were noticed. However, single plants had potato beetle larvae. Plantation protection is carried out in accordance with the developed program and with the use of funds from Syngenta Company.



The PLENARY PLASTIC COMPETITIONS took place on 8 June 2017 in the manor house in Kalinowa. It was organized jointly by HR Kalinowa and the Public Middle School in Kalinowa. Ten students from three Public Middle Schools in the municipality of Głaszki, i.e. Gruszczyce, Błaszki and Kalinowa, were painting for four hours the manor house in Kalinowa using various painting techniques. The three-person jury assessed all works and announced the results. The first place took Klaudia Kafel from the Middle School in Gruszczyce, the second place was taken by Amelia Przybyłek (also a student from the Middle School in Gruszczyce, and the third place is the achievement of WiktoriaKasprzak – a student from the Middle School in Błaszki. Furthermore, the jury gave special mention to Jan Garncarek and Klaudia Kubicka from the Middle School in Kalinowa. In addition to diplomas awarded by Mrs. Magdalena Szymankiewicz, the Director of the Public Middle School in Kalinowa, students also received material awards from Mrs. Klaudia Horlop from Sekata Vegetables and Mr. Piotr Wyrwas from Bayer Cropscience. All works will be exhibited during the XXIV National Potato Days Kalinowa 2017 “Potato today and tomorrow” on 26 and 27 August 2017.

1st place

2nd place

3rd place



other works



Description of demonstration machines from GRIMME Company, which will be presented during the XXIV National Potato Days Kalinowa 2017:

1) Grimme SE 75-55 harvester type UB with 5.5 t tank

SE 75-55is an efficient single-row harvester with 5.5 t tank (capacity).

It is characterized by ease of use, trouble-free making settings and maintenance, as well as good visibility of a ploughing set. Foliage and potatoes are optimally separated while simultaneous limitation of bulb damages. Three types of separators for effective separation of stones and blocks of soil can be selected. From the sieving sets, a stream of product gets through a large picking table to the tank with a capacity of 5.5 tones and lifting height of 4.2 m. The machines is intended for farmers and service providers interested in machines with performance between single and double row machines currently offered on the market.

2) Grimme SE 260 harvester type UB with Nonstop tank

Two-row towed harvester SE 260 with a lateral element for harvesting and a 6-ton tank complements the successful SE 150-60 series, and at the same time it enables to reveal the potential of 2-row harvesters with a tank. The harvesting technique is based on a combination of mechanical elements that are effective and protect bulbs in 2-row harvesters SE 15-60 and improved flow of bulbs in single row SE 75-55. The compact design of these machines ensures very good maneuverability what is especially advantageous on headlands. The relatively low weight (9.2 tones) and wide tires (dimensions up to 800/45-30.5) guarantee the protection of the ground.  SE 260 is compatible with tractors from 110 hp. This machine is easy to operate and maintain, and its construction allows good visibility of plowing elements. The operation is facilitated by additional elements of equipment, e.g. vision system.

3) Belt conveyor Grimme TC 80-13

TC 80-13 is a stable construction with simultaneous protection of the product during transportation to the storage room. The combination of two conveyors, with a width of 80 cm and a range of 16.5 m, is characterized by a unique airbag lifting mechanism. It provides the limitation of product’s damages during reloading to the belt. An optional hydraulic steering mechanism and drive system ensure a comfortable change of the machine’s position. The possibility of a smooth change of range ensures that the store loader without the need to reconstruct the transport line.

4) Belt conveyor Grimme LC 705

LC series belts are electro-hydraulic driven, i.e. during field operation. LC 705 performs sliding working movements, it can be hydraulically driven (e.g. during the operation in the field from the tractor’s hydraulics. Moreover, it can be equipped in both types of drive (hybrid drive) in order to extend the operating possibilities. Maximum product’s protection is ensured by the serial gradual adjustment of the charge’s height. Smooth adjustment of the belt’s speed enables the optimum adaptation of operation to the prevailing conditions.

5) Pallet box filler GrimmeGBF

GBF is a fully automated filler of pallet boxes adapted for both storage and processing of potatoes. Adjustable loading height and frame for positioning of the box enable to fill different types of boxes. Hydraulically adjustable front segment guarantee a minimum height of unloading to boxes. The machine is operation from a BGT desktop and it is equipped with Flow Control system to turn on and turn off the transport conveyor. Optionally, the machine can be equipped with a balance for filling the pallet box with a precise accuracy and counting the daily or weekly sum of filled goods.

6) CleanLoader – Field filling and reloading station

Logistic and ecological reasons persuaded Grimme engineers to construct the field filling and reloading station CleanLoader. It was permitted to traffic on public roads. This station is able to separate the majority of pollutions already in the field.

CleanLoader for independent operation is equipped with a cost-effective 4-cylinder diesel engine Hatz (50l / 12 hours) with a power of 46 kW – what makes it unnecessary to use an additional current generator. In a maximum of 15 minutes, the station is ready for work or transport to another plantation. Large support legs do not require any additional pads. The first element of the station is a proven charging hopper RH 24-60 Combi with a capacity of 21 m3, and then two sets of rollers and an inspection platform. The first set of rollers serves for intensive separation of soil. The second set can be used for soil separation or as a fractioning unit. Additional advantages of CleanLoader station are two side retractable carrying belts. Therefore, the use of additional belts is not necessary.

CleanLoader is equipped with a comfortable inspection platform with a waste tape. On belts, which protect bulbs, a product’s weight is transferred to a 120 cm transverse elevator. Optionally, the elevator can be equipped with patented OptiBags for additional soil sifting. The transverse elevator can be moved to the right or left (6.5 m) by 25 degree, so the transport vehicle moves forward only once. The length that can be reached by the vehicle to the reloading on the transport vehicle is 7 meters. This allows the loading even through the smallest trenches. The height of reloading is up to 6.5 meters, and the transverse elevator passes potatoes to a transport vehicle at a very low height. The productivity of CleanLoader is up to 120 t/h. This means that it is possible to fill the truck in only 15 minutes.

7) Store loader Grimme SL 165

Store loader SL 165 with a belt (width of 65 cm and length of 16.1 m) is an ideal choice for medium-sized companies. These machines are popular thanks to convenient handling and high capacity for storage of potatoes, onions, carrots and grains. Large sliding of wheels enables a maximum freedom of working movements, reducing the need for frequent transport of the machine to another workstation. Unique construction details of chassis, steering system and continuous drives as serial equipment allow the maximum usable length in this class, high efficiency and good maneuverability.

8) Receiving pit Grimme RH 24-60 Combi

RH 24-60 Combi are modular machines. Their advantage is the variety of combinations depending on operating conditions. Construction of the floor conveyor, active closure of the pocket, cleaning and continuous drives (as standard equipment) enable the maximum protection of the product and productivity. After passing through a set of PU spiral rollers, the product mass is transferred to two belts of a sorting table with a width of 72 cm, which can be operated by up to 8 persons. Depending on the requirements concerning the sorting accuracy and product’s protection, the Combi machine can be connected with the mesh sorter or one or two step sets of PU spiral rollers.

On 30 May 2017, Mrs. Katarzyna Wójcik visited the field with varieties of onion. She is an editor-in-chief on the monthly magazine “Warzywa i Owoce Miękkie”. Together with her, the assessment of the plantation’s conditions was made by Mr. Wojciech Kopeć from Yara and Mr. Marcin Sondej, who is a representative of Bejo. All visitors have drawn attention to the very well developed root system of onion seedlings. It has been estimated that the emergence of all cultivated varieties of onion / 42 varieties / are very good, the onion is in the phase of two leaves, and in the case of early varieties – the third leaf is visible. The applied mineral fertilization before sowing and topdressing is based on YARA recommendations and fertilizers. On an area of 1 hectare, Bejo will present a droplet irrigation system along with the fertilization based on YARA products.


Within the framework of the organized XXIV National Potato Days Kalinowa 2017, a meeting of organizers with representatives of machinery companies took place in the Kalinowa Plant Breeding Center on 12 May 2017. During this meeting, the scenario of potato harvest demonstration was agreed. It will be presented during two days of the event. Potato harvesting will be simultaneously realized by 7 harvesters and one potato digger of the following companies: AVR, GRIMME, ROPA and AGROTOP KACZMAREK. Harvesters will be aggregated with NEW HOLLAND and DEUTZ tractors. The dealers of these tractors are AGROS WROŃSCY and INVESTROL. Moreover, a demonstration of the loading of potatoes with the use of receiving pits made by GRIMME, AGROTOP KACZMAREK and PROVEGA will be carried out. Furthermore, demonstration concerning the cutting of chives and digging of onion with the use of machines produced by AGROTOP KACZMAREK on the plantation will be presented

On April 21, seed potatoes were planted on a demonstration field with varieties of potato. In total, 122 varieties were planted on the area of 5.00 hectares. The first line has the following varieties: HZPC, AGRICO, SOLANA, HZ ZAMARTE, and the second one includes the following varieties: KARO, EUROPLANT, PMHZ STRZEKĘCIN, AGRIANA and CAITHNESS POTATOES. The third line consists of NORIKA variety and presents the experience with the so-called “agro-technical errors” /twelve combinations/. Potatoes for the experience of SYNGENTA /various potato protection programs against potato blight/ were planted in the last fourth line. The planting was based on four-row potato planter GRIMME type GL 34T aggregated with New Holland T 6030 tractor. Potatoes were planted at a spacing of 90 cm and a density of 26 cm. Depth of planting 17-18 cm from the top of the formed ridge. Prior to planting, mineral fertilization in accordance with the recommendation of YARA (developed on the basis of the chemical analysis of soil performed by the Laboratory of Chemical and Agricultural Station in Opole) was conducted. YARA fertilizers, i.e. VIKING and YARA BELLA, were applied for mineral fertilization. Furthermore, in some area of the field, potatoes were planted with the use of potato planter GRIMME type GB 330 in three rows in the bed of 1.80 m. Formation of ridges and treatment with the use of SENGENTA agents against weeds were performed on 11 May 2017

Within the framework of the XXIV National Potato Days, on 10 April, the planting of potato from the variety of Colomba (produced by the Dutch grower HZPC) was started in the 30 hectare trial field located in the HR Kalinowa farm. Four-row planter manufactured by GRIMME type GL 34T along with New Holland T 6030 tractor were used for this planting. Potatoes were planted at a spacing of 90 cm and density of 26 cm. Depth of planting: 17-18 cm from the top of the formed coulter. Prior to planting, the mineral fertilization, on the basis of a soil chemical analysis carried out by the Dutch laboratory Eurofins Agro Wageningen, was made. The field was planted with the rotary harrow LEMKEN type Orion 101 aggregated with the New Holland 8870A tractor. The experience will be performed in this field. We will present the program of protection and foliar fertilization from six phytopharmaceutical companies and fix fertilization companies.

On April 4 and 5, 42 varieties of onions from eleven seed companies were planted on the experimental field (21 hectares). YARA mineral fertilizers and potassium sulfate were sown in the field – in the amount compatible with the received guidelines developed on the basis of the soil’s chemical analysis performed by the Chemical and Agricultural Station in Opole. Mixing of fertilizers and soil cultivation were carried out with the use of the cultivator produced by Opal Agri type Saturn IV combined with the Deutz Fahr 6160 tractor. Onion seeds were sown on the basis of the belt-row system – precision seeder MONOSEM combined with the New Holland TM 155 tractor equipped with the GPS RTK guidance system.