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Within the framework of the XXIV National Potato Days, on 10 April, the planting of potato from the variety of Colomba (produced by the Dutch grower HZPC) was started in the 30 hectare trial field located in the HR Kalinowa farm. Four-row planter manufactured by GRIMME type GL 34T along with New Holland T 6030 tractor were used for this planting. Potatoes were planted at a spacing of 90 cm and density of 26 cm. Depth of planting: 17-18 cm from the top of the formed coulter. Prior to planting, the mineral fertilization, on the basis of a soil chemical analysis carried out by the Dutch laboratory Eurofins Agro Wageningen, was made. The field was planted with the rotary harrow LEMKEN type Orion 101 aggregated with the New Holland 8870A tractor. The experience will be performed in this field. We will present the program of protection and foliar fertilization from six phytopharmaceutical companies and fix fertilization companies.

On April 4 and 5, 42 varieties of onions from eleven seed companies were planted on the experimental field (21 hectares). YARA mineral fertilizers and potassium sulfate were sown in the field – in the amount compatible with the received guidelines developed on the basis of the soil’s chemical analysis performed by the Chemical and Agricultural Station in Opole. Mixing of fertilizers and soil cultivation were carried out with the use of the cultivator produced by Opal Agri type Saturn IV combined with the Deutz Fahr 6160 tractor. Onion seeds were sown on the basis of the belt-row system – precision seeder MONOSEM combined with the New Holland TM 155 tractor equipped with the GPS RTK guidance system.